Two scholarships in the amount of $1000.00 will be awarded to two graduating high school seniors: one male and one female.


Plainville High School Senior who will be attending a 2 or 4 year traditional college or vocational, technical school or program.

Participation in any Plainville High School recognized sport (freshman, Junior Varsity or Varsity) in each of their four years. These criteria could be met by playing the same sport each year or a combination of sports.

Multiple sport participation in at least two years with one of those being senior year.

Cheerleading is a recognized sport at Plainville High School. For purposes of this scholarship, fall and winter participation in Cheerleading will only qualify as a single sport.


Eligible candidates will submit a single essay that describes in their own words what the ultimate team player/blue collar athlete* means to them and describe by giving examples and instances of how they were that team player/blue collar athlete* during their career at Plainville High School.

Only this essay and pertinent information from the check list in the Common Scholarship packet (Sports played, years played and confirmation from coach or Athletic Director) will be evaluated for purposes of awarding this scholarship.

* Blue-collar athlete - b: dependable and hard-working rather than showy or spectacular <a Blue-collar athlete> as described in the Merriam Webster Dictionary. 


Past Scholarship Recipients

2020 Tyler Mandeville and Olivia Wazorko
2019 Brandy Callahan and Sydni Spencer
2018 Benjamin Root and Amiyah Peters
2017 Jonathan Olson and Taleah McCrorey
2016 Daniel Costantini and Emma Heslin
2015 Julius Brown and Megan Dalena
2014 Harold Johnson III, Isabelle Johnson,
         Shane Pugliese and Danielle Angellilo
2013 Matthew Thomas and Lilia Miller
2012 Christopher Kuzia and Lexxi Carroll
2011 Becky Slivinski and Kevin Spence


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